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📖 The Quarantine Book Club!

September 24 at 8 p.m. EDT/5 p.m. PDT

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📣 Coming in November

Georgia Center for the Book at DPCL: Health & the Human Experience Author Q&A

Thursday, November 12 

✎ Slate

Q&A: What Animal Penises Tell Us About Our Own 

✎ Last Word on Nothing


➤ Our Opinions Are Correct Podcast

Episode 64: How Science Is Redefining the Penis


➤ Ms Informed Podcast 

Episode 24: Duck Penises, Gender Bias in Science, and Phallacy by Emily Willingham

🎥 Dragon Con Panel

Science Track: Nature Is Still Kinkier Than You


➤ Science for the People Podcast

Episode 573: Penis. That's It. That's the Title.

✎ Review, Medium

Sorry Guys, Your Penis Is Not As Powerful As You Think

by Vicki Larson

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