Preventing Autism: Most ill-targeted PR pitch on earth? Possibly

This morning, I received the below. I've annotated it in red with my reactions as I read along. But first, I had to throw up. The hatefulness of releasing a book called Preventing Autism on World Autism Awareness Day and what some of us call Autism Acceptance Day surpasses my ability to comprehend. No, I haven't read the book. No, I won't be purchasing a book called Preventing Autism and have that in my house where my autistic son can see it. ETA: As a counterpoint to the cynical nastiness of someone who could write a book like this and release it on this day, please see this post from Shannon Rosa at BlogHer.

PR pitch:
I am working on a book that will hit stores today, April 2 (World Autism Awareness Day hurl), that can help parents aggressively act to prevent autism At this point, I'm so offended and pained as a parent and then affronted as a scientist I could barely read on in their unborn and young children. In order to practice prevention, you have to know the causes AYFKM?

Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, AYFKM? a prominent pediatrician because, you know, Jenny McCarthy practicing in Santa Monica, California, of course he is. Why would he practice in inner city Chicago? and a UCLA Professor, is the author of Preventing Autism: What You Can Do to Protect Your Children before and after Birth (Wiley, April 2, 2013, Trade Paperback Original, $17.95). Throwing up occurred here. He's a pediatrician. Not a neurodevelopmental expert. And he wants to prevent people like my son. Dr. Gordon? AUTISTIC PEOPLE CAN READ. In following the plan outlined in the book, parents have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Particularly if they don't get suckered in to shit like this. The CDC has suggested that the huge increase in the number of environmental toxins to which young children are exposed might explain why autism numbers have exploded Really? Because they JUST PUBLISHED their study based on survey data that suggested WIDER DIAGNOSTIC CAPTURE.  Dr. Gordon addresses how to avoid these toxins. (He also addresses the "vaccine issue." Oh, I bet he does. How else will he sell his book?)

Dr. Gordon feels he can make a difference (in his bank account).  So do noted child development experts Halle Berry, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, Jennifer Grey, and Mariska Hargitay— who combined to write the forward (like the Borg or what?).  Julia Roberts added a blurb. AYFKM?

More info:
·     Of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use today, only 3,000 have been tested for their harmful effects. I use that many chemicals by simply consisting of them. CHEMICALZ!!
·     The rise in autism parallels the rise of the chemical age after World War II not really and the use of untested chemicals they are tested. Data safety sheets exist for them. in manufacturing, our food supply, house cleaning products, and our personal grooming products this one is gonna hit the Hollywood types hard. Oh, and also parallels in increase in consumption of organic foods and increased global warming. Alrighty then.
·     It is no longer a leap to say we can prevent autism No, it's not a leap. It's a lie.  Even mainstream medicine recognizes that the environment affects genetics (Yes, in approximately the early 20th century).  The science of epigenetics—“on top of genes” --studies what changes gene expression or what causes certain genes to turn on or off That's the science of "genetics".  

·     At Stanford University, 192 pairs of identical twins were studied in which one twin was autistic and one was not.  Scientists found that genetics accounted for 38% of the risk of autism and environmental factors 62%.  Prime example of a half truth. What they leave out is what the team concluded were the effective factors involved--the womb. Actually, this is, at most, a quarter truth.
·     Our definition of autism has expanded from a genetic disorder originating in the brain to a possible interaction of immune and neuro-inflammatory disorders with genetics in the brain. Another half truth, as this is hypothesized, possibly, for a subset. Not demonstrated.   Developing nervous and immune systems –before and after birth--are vulnerable to the thousands of toxins that surround us. Because the placentas have just given up, you see. But IF YOU DON'T BUY THIS BOOK AND TRY EVERYTHING IN IT, LADIES, IT'LL BE ALL YOUR FAULT IF YOUR CHILD IS AUTISTIC

·     If you can identify a cause for autism, you can find a preventive treatment current understanding is that autism traces to multiple factors and probably thousands of genes. Good luck with that. And did I mention that autistic people CAN READ?  Preventing Autism explores the known neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors you know what? This is my field. And no one's linked these to autism. But they sure are a nice, sell-y buzzword, ain't they?  and offers a plan for eliminating or reducing their presence before and after your children’s birth. This is wrong physiologically, developmentally, ethically, socially, and in terms of reality.
·     The NIH has begun a $6.5 billion study of a generation—a 21 year long study of 100,000 children to determine how the environment affects development from before birth to adulthood.  We cannot let an entire generation be at risk. Yes, because a study like this means a generation is at risk We have to do something now. Please start by NOT BUYING THIS BOOK.

Please let me know if you're interested in speaking with Dr. Gordon and/or seeing a copy of Preventing AutismAYFKM?